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The position of holding company in the group

ARTE Salon Holdings, Inc. provides detailed individual plans for each affiliated company in the group. Those plans support the affiliated companies to promote brand names and take advantages of ARTE. We direct total business progress for them. We must have a total and long-term business view as a leading company in the ARTE Group. Also we keep producing new systems and services in the beauty salon business and match the post modern movement.

Moreover, we show specific leadership of corporate governance in the society. Because it may be difficult to create the same system quality through affiliated companies and franchised salons individually.

These few years, we have extended ARTE brand names into various styles. As we always consider to grade up the business and pour extra attention on ARTE brand names creating synergy effects for our business. At the same time, ARTE tries to satisfy all of our customers with our best effort we are pursuing higher quality than now and the most reasonable charges for our services. We appreciate you supporting our business now and in the future.