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ARTE-brand name sharing system

The Ash Co. Ltd. (mentioned as "Ash" from here on) is one of the main affiliated firms in ARTE Group and the New York - New York Co. Ltd. (mentioned as "NYNY" from here on) have extended beauty salons with our brand name allowance system (mentioned as "ARTE-sharing system" from here on). The ARTE-sharing system gives permission to use our brand name for our superior designers to run their own salons with our support. With this system, we will not lose top grade designers who want to own their salons. . Also there are 2 advantages for customers as well. One is that customers hardly loose their favourite staff. The other is that customers can easily find branch salons with similar services in different locations.

The ARTE-sharing system is succeeded business style in which we have been able to produce senior skilled staff with managing competency.

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