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Cut & Color specialty salon "Choki Peta",
to meet the needs for regular glooming at economical prices.

In the domestic beauty salon industry, customers are becoming selective, and more people are visiting salons with the need for regular glooming such as trimming grown hair and dyeing gray hair. Targeting those customers, in ARTE group, STYLE DESIGNER Inc. plays a key role in developing company-owned salons °»Choki Peta ", Cut & Color specialty salons with the concept of "quick, low prices, and beautiful."

We develop salons with about 50 square meters in floor space, mainly in Shopping Centers, steadily increasing efficient investments in salon openings.

"Choki Peta" are maintenance salons providing basic service of haircut and hair color, which realize a reasonable single price menu, by introducing ticket-vending machines and latest auto shampoo equipment, saving labor in the salon by robotization.
These salons respond to customers°« needs by installing self-styling booth where customers can dry their hair themselves after hair coloring and increase convenience by abolishing the reservation system and introducing the system which allows customers to divide the menu and to choose only what they need.

Choki Peta

In these stores, we hire many hairstylists who are in childcare or after a long period of absence from work due to childcare as part-time hairstylists, building comfortable work environments under the unique training system, to create jobs and provide beauty services closely tailored to local customers.

Under "Choki Peta" brand, we provide professional services at economical prices and will continue new store openings aggressively in the market where demand is expected to expand, as a pillar of the maintenance salon business.